Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde


About the necessity to let go

posted on the 7th of May 2020

Nothing is as constant as change - the Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said. All That Is (ADI) - the universe - is in constant motion and in the ceaseless exchange and transformation of energy, Heraclitus spoke of eternal fire. He rightly says: Everything flows - panta rhei. Nothing and nobody is exempt from this.




Only occasionally within fictitious linear time does it seem as if there were unchangeable facts. On closer examination, however, these turn out to be beliefs that are only considered true by general agreement, but have nothing to do with the reality of ADI. The basis for this is the extremely limited perception of man, on the dualistically shaped 3D Earth that is now coming to an end. Almost everything that most people currently believe to be true is only learned, imposed and from the soul's point of view fundamentally wrong. It only fits to our limited, illusionary reality.

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It is therefore very exhausting to hold on to the old. It is impossible to find security in the existing. It is stupid to want to achieve new results with always the same methods. There is no merit in wanting to preserve what is already there. It is, however, inevitable to prepare oneself for the realization that the history of mankind has taken a completely different course than most people believe and that the rulers were anything but benevolent.

In all areas of the leading elites, there were always only three things at stake: power, money and sex, with the exercise or abuse of power always being the first priority, to which everything was subordinated. Before you ask how this was possible, just the following. The system of the dualistically shaped 3D Earth was created jointly by the subject souls and the power-exercising elite souls to enable both sides to have very special experiences in physical bodies. The veil of forgetfulness at birth played a special role in this. The personalities forgot that they were souls and believed that they were separate lone warriors. Another misbelief: one lives only once or: one lives more often in a row one after the other. However, all these incarnations take place at the same time. Also fundamental are the illusion of linear time and the concept of guilt, sin and atonement or the false concept of karma.

People will be shocked and outraged by the current and coming terrible revelations, because their entire canon of values will collapse. Even their God and the holy Ten Commandments are at their disposal, because it turns out that the ruling state and religious leaders have never kept to them and still lived with impunity, while the pious subordinates have had to ruin themselves with work and have been abused and slaughtered in countless wars - always, of course, for so-called higher purposes. However, human rights have always been trampled underfoot to this day, as have the hollow words in countless constitutions.

This was all a very hard school for the personalities of the incarnated souls. However, if everything had been open and known from the beginning, there would have been no profit from the experiment. It was not only to give lust and pleasure, it had to be extremely painful physically and mentally. We do not want to talk again about the intellectual intolerability of the religious concepts as well as the results of the sciences (more see here and here and here). Science has degenerated into the whore of politics, as is shown once again in the Corona crisis. The illusion was huge and inhumanly hard. But it is coming to an end NOW. We have reported about it in these four videos lately.

Of course, the question now is how people can best deal with the many extremely surprising revelations. The most fatal thing would be for people to have a warlike vendetta against the so-called evil. They would blindly destroy themselves in it. Nobody has to be punished, everyone has only done his/her duty and on both sides much has been suffered. It is harder to be really evil than good, because after all we are all divine beings whose essence is love and compassion.

A ''merciless reckoning'' would only prolong the existence of the old system, because it would be the usual same method from the realm of 3D illusion, with which no new results can be achieved. What counts is the expanded consciousness and the learning success, which many beings in the universe envy us for, because without the physical body many things cannot be understood and grasped and also not felt. Do you remember the scene from the movie 'City of Angels', where Nicolas Cage as Seth sitting on a road sign over the highway says to Andre Braugher as Cassiel: ''one breath of her hair''?

It's quite enough to educate people about how the whole system works, as this article (and the four videos posted above) already do in a overview. And this includes, first of all, the knowledge that the whole project was planned in such a way that it was carried out logically and that everyone involved benefited from it. The souls have grasped a lot in 3D matter, which would be impossible in other systems.

Decisive as a reaction to the revelations and the end of the system are forgiveness and gratitude. Only on this can something completely new be built on 5D. The hatchet must be buried. Fighting, war and retaliation are no option. After all, the system also came to an end because, at the request of the humans, more highly developed extraterrestrial energies intervened, for the benefit of all involved.

Each and every one of us would now be well advised not to become intoxicated by the bloodthirsty reports and to wallow in a victim attitude soaked with pain and suffering. It makes no sense to read about abuse, massacres and exploitation for weeks and months on end. The many horrible details do not help us, it is also healing to leave the victim attitude. It is enough to know that this extremely hard school was pure illusion - but a useful illusion - we should understand that now. One could also speak of a severely limited reality, because we have experienced the events as reality.

The supposed sacrosanct values were part of the illusion, no matter how important or sacred they seemed to us. Sciences, religions, governments etc. were as illusionary as the belief in duality - first and foremost in good and evil. See also good and evil 2 and Lucifer.

hollow trunk, inside beginning of branches

everything comes to an end

The greatest and most absurd of all illusions is the belief in the existence of an Absolute Evil (outside of 3D duality), which must be fought in the strongest possible way. However, there is no system in ADI that can sabotage the meaning and purpose of ADI. This purpose is the expansion of consciousness. God, spirit, ADI wants to become aware of itself. Man plays a key role in this process - we have already explained this here and here. If you know the Universal Law: Such an internal sabotage system would be an N-subset, because the whole thing, ADI, doesn't know self-sabotage. N-sets have no relation to the whole!

Such a sabotage system cannot exist outside of ADI either; the universal law clearly states that ADI is closed and that therefore no interactions can take place ''outside''. So there is nothing inside or outside of ADI that runs counter to the sense and purpose of the whole. The expansion of consciousness is therefore not in danger and therefore struggle to save the system is not necessary. The N-subset of so-called Absolute Evil does not exist any more than the N-subset of Vacuum; see the introduction of this video.

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At the beginning the main points of the universal law

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Is Physics manipulated by politics?

These are remarkable findings that shed a significant light on our subject. What can you do? The only way to overcome this illusion of duality and revelatory shock is to think at least once that there may be another view of the world than your current one, and that you do not have the only correct one. Next, you may be toying with the idea that you have made a mistake. As long as you don't at least begin to allow yourself to have this wrong view of the world, there is nothing you can do about it. Finally, you should realize that these old learned views are definitely wrong, illusionary, and only then can you rise above them. If you suppress only a part of them that is supposedly bad, they only cement duality and never get rid of it.

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There are no facts, only interpretations

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Do the physicists now leave their own labyrinth?

Sit down in front of the moth box of your previous views, principles and truths and take out one by one and look at it impartially and ask yourself if it is still tenable in the light of all the new knowledge about the history of mankind, if it is still useful to you or if it really offers security. Neti - Neti is the name of this Vedic method: not this and not that. In the end, there is nothing left.

What is in store for you now, after all imposed and learned illusionary knowledge has turned out to be wrong within the framework of duality? You have no other choice than to refer to your own inner knowledge, which comes from your soul as wisdom and intuition. This will become your guideline - nothing and nobody else can distract you from this Gnostic path anymore. You become self-determined and independent because you know that you are the soul and therefore immortal and thus fearless.

It will take us further if we open ourselves to the newly won freedom and take our own responsibility into our own hands and actively participate in planning the social order on the New Earth. We are the ones we have always been waiting for. No one takes the task from us. Or do you want to be controlled again as a subject and recipient of orders?

We now leave the old illusionary dualistic system relieved and grateful. We have understood it and learned a lot from it. Now we are free for what is completely new for us. We have earned it. We take responsibility for ourselves and create our New World with love and heart energy.

A Process for Letting Go & Empowering Yourself ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeling by Daniel Scranton on May 9 th 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been explaining our approach to how we help all of you for quite some time, and we have even given you some tips for receiving the assistance that we provide. But we want you to recognize that you have your own way of receiving the help that you ask for, and many of you recognize this as something you call hitting rock bottom. When you hit rock bottom, that’s when you have nothing left to lose, and when there’s nothing for you to cling to, then there’s no attachment that you are also holding on to very tightly.

So the trick for all of you to being in the receptive mode more frequently is to let go of what you’ve been clinging to in your lives. That means you first have to identify what you are attached to. Perhaps you are attached to a particular belief system, or you are attached to doing something in a very specific way. You can also be attached to the help that you desire coming to you from a very specific source or in a very specific way. And these are just a few of the attachments that you might be clinging to at this time.

As soon as you identify what your attachments are, we invite you to at least consider letting go of that tight grip. Sometimes this means that you have to let go of being right, or letting go of the possibility that you are right. Whatever it is that you are attached to has you holding more tension and anxiety in your physical body, and nothing repels help like tension and anxiety.

Therefore, this very simple exercise can help you quite a bit, if you are willing to engage in it. Make a list of your attachments, and then consider what your life might be like if you weren’t so attached to those beliefs, those circumstances, or those ways of doing things. Just the idea of you letting go can get you to let go. We want you to empower yourselves by recognizing that you don’t need those attachments. All you need is to be yourselves fully. And chances are your attachments are related to the idea that you are not enough by yourself. Your attachments are related to the concept of not being whole and complete and needing something outside of you to give you that feeling.

So as you let go, you are letting in more of who you are, and you are everything. You are Source. You are All That Is. Now is the perfect time to be focusing on what you want to let go of so that you can become more of who you really are and lead humanity into the higher consciousness of the fifth dimensional realm.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”