Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The magic of life

Thus we create the NEW EARTH - NOW

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The whole life consists of magic rituals and their little brothers the rites and routines. Exercise of power, sex and monetary transactions live on rituals. Birth and death set the magical frame.

The Persian word ''magic'' means ''to achieve something''. At the right moment and in the optimal location with the fitting people - or even alone – the magician does precisely what he wants in the appropriate way.

In a ritual the magicians transmute energies into the desired visualized form. They know that everything consists of energy and that this is neither good nor evil. The age of Aquarius favours the effectiveness of such rituals.

With the magic rituals and routines the soul causes through her personality the grasping in the density of 3D. She tries out all conceivable scenarios with the right people. Thus also the NEW EARTH with the new society arises.

People may experiment courageously and make mistakes. You don't have to do everything "right" or be perfect or become the most spiritual or awake person you could ever be - as a soul you are this already.

''You should embrace everything'' says OSHO ''that you encounter'', even that which you feel offensive and wicked. It is always energy that you can use. In the magical transformation you create something different from it.

You can also become permeable to the energies which you do not want to use any further. The personality must in any case withdraw in humility. The only true magician and healer is always the Soul.

Therefore rituals work best if they follow the life plan of the soul. Each human being is different in every incarnation. The idea of equality is only true insofar as all humans are souls and consist of energy.

People who live their own individual potential are not ''egoists'' and are of optimal benefit to society. Everyone who lives/loves himself encourages his fellow men to be authentic and compassionate as well.

This is how the Unity Consciousness works: the community of souls knows exactly what it intends. The individual souls never really work against each other. There is only ONE soul that cannot be at odds with itself.

The different manifestations of this One Soul are perfectly matched to each other. Therefore all beings can live together as they are meant to. Dressage by external authorities deliberately causes confusion.

In the simultaneous incarnations of one and the same human soul the effect of each cause is simultaneously the cause of the next effect etc. So the different incarnations are perfectly coordinated. Karma - like guilt and sin - is only an invalid concept of the mind.

Man can resist his fellow men or be stimulated  e.g. due to an attack to get clearer about which old wounds prevent him/her from acting as he/she intended.

Man grows when he looks at his feelings that a situation or an entity trigger in him. So he recognizes what he can still work on. "Do what you're most afraid of" says OSHO.

The trust that everyone performs his own magic rituals, has his individual life plan and his own spirit guides and can develop and expand his consciousness, is the basis of the magical-spiritual evolution of mankind, say the Arcturians via Daniel Scranton.

Religions and the state have no right to determine how people should live, no matter what the circumstances are. In the private environment advice is only appropriate if there is a request or it appears to be urgent.

However, it always makes sense to tame the own conditioned judging mind and to give love to people with all one' s heart, who prefer other ideas and actions.

We give all people the space to be themselves. But we do not have to live or work with people, if they have a completely different plan of life. Nevertheless we love them.

When we vehemently stand up for what we think is ''right'' and ''good'', we also strengthen the ''wrong'' and ''evil'', because the apparent opposites are inseparably connected. This fictitious illusionary duality now disappears.

If we according to the Hindu and Buddhist Advaita principle ''neti neti'' ''neither this nor that'' take the observer position we will freely - suitable for every situation - make the decision that the soul intuitively whispers to us.

On the NEW EARTH life is very simple. All follow the will and intention of the soul. The personalities are fully soul infused and serve only the practical requirements of the everyday life.

Working for a living becomes a secondary matter. We feed on nature music and other arts. To our joy we educate ourselves boundlessly and enjoy soul-inspired high-quality technology.

We will be healed through magical transformation. We live in the yearned for unity consciousness with our soul brothers and sisters. We celebrate life in love and compassion.