Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

  Trust in the Gnostic Path

You are the soul

You are immortal

This video explains the changes currently taking place on earth in politics, economy, medicine, society, etc. It proves that this is not a simple change to a different world order, but the end of our old ideas, values and overall perception. Something completely new is emerging. People and their lives are changing so fundamentally that few can yet imagine it. We are here to observe and support these processes, because we are looking forward to the ''NEW EARTH''.

There is no reason to worry, everything is going according to plan, we have reached the point of no return. Solar and cosmic energies as well as the Spiritual World support the transformation; due to the request of many people this support is now allowed. The class that currently still seems to rule on earth and its cronies are trying to push their dictatorship agenda with absurd exaggerations of measures, regulations and abstruse lies as well as through deliberate chaos. In the end all they achieve is that people wake up and see through. How does Mephisto say in Goethe's FAUST?  ''I am part of that force which always wills the evil and always creates the good''...

The old experiment earth in which we still live, is based on duality/polarity.

The incarnated human feels separated from everything and everyone, like a fish on land.

The earth is called learning or remembrance planet because man, after understanding the earthly system, remembers his/her original state as a soul.

Many people are now beginning to understand that the experiment earth in which they incarnated many times and in which they experienced much pain and suffering happened as planned by all parties involved. Therefore there is no Last Judgement now. Nobody has to be punished. We acknowledge the acting achievements of all.

The system is finished because the souls involved have understood enough and because a system with a linear time has an intrinsic expiration date.

So that the demolition is successful and system-compatible the escalation of typical events is helpful which can now be observed worldwide: Climate Hysteria, CoronaScamDemic, MigrationHoax, GenderBlablabla, Financial chaos, Wars, Natural disasters etc.

So also the do-gooders can understand what happened e.g. that clergy and politicians are not friends of man.

In the event of a system breakdown we will be supported by solar and cosmic energies and from intelligences of other celestial bodies. This is of great importance and is felt by many.

In the universe all work together for the good of the whole. When this does not appear to be the case then it is a temporary local fiction.

The basic illusion of ''dualism'' is the division of the human actors into so-called good and evil. The good ones are religious and believe in God, practice piety and submissiveness. They try to follow rules and regulations and to be perfect citizens of the state and lovingly do what others expect. They prefer a traditional risk-free life.

If they have the appropriate disposition and have already received much rejection in their lives, the good fight against the bad, but above all against their peers. In this they are constantly stirred up by the evil.

The evil ones represent the opposite pole - the adversary - without which there can be no good. They pay homage to the unholy trinity. Power  money  sex.

The evil - in their function as seducers - give the good ones a hard time - debt trap. They do not abide by the laws they enact; as potentates they stand above it.

But the good ones are never 100% good, and the bad guys never 100% evil, because this system is basically a polarity. This is the origin of the manifold painful mixture, on which the learning success of mankind is based.

The good ones because of their fear are only now beginning to understand that even the hated evil ones - like themselves - are immortal souls, and after finishing the role-play on earth also ascend. In duality/polarity two equal (fictitious) poles are necessary.

How do people handle their fear? Many become aggressive and isolate themselves even more instead of feeling and accepting their fear, and to seek protection and security.

To the extent that the fear on both sides decreases, the ability to think logically and love increases.

Both understand that they are not separated from each other and play only the roles necessary for the experiment. Both belong to one and the same acting troupe.

So that the ''dualistic'' learning system works over a longer period of time, those involved must not see through what is really going on.

Therefore the state preaches that the evil are punished. The religions say that in the end they fall into eternal damnation. With a little logic this can be quickly disproved. Experiment Earth is never about justice.

If we want to end Experiment Earth now, hatred and discord  struggle and war must cease.

These have no place on higher levels of consciousness. Those who want to ascend and continue to fight have a problem. Both is impossible at the same time.

He who fights others  fights against himself, because there are no others. Then for which purpose are the alleged victories? For what the unnecessary pain and suffering?

As named above  the bad guys are currently absurdly escalating everything and thus unintentionally enable people to see through.

Mephisto in Goethe's Faust formulates this as follows: ''I am part of that force which always wills the evil and always creates the good''

To the do-gooders - applies analogously: ''I am a part of that force that always wills the good and always creates the evil''. Of course  there is no sin in all this and good and evil are relative terms.

Both poles are each part of the 3D illusion ''duality''/polarity which according to Advaita Vedanta / Stankov´s Universal Law is a force -  exactly spoken: spirit / energy, which - due to our limited perceptive faculty - appears as something else – we only see our own projections.

That is why humans can rarely estimate to which long-term result their actions lead. This is typical for their unconscious behaviour.

By the completely excessive exaggeration the ''evil'' as well as the ''good'' accelerate the end of the current political order. The evil ones want to introduce their new world dictatorship.

The ''do-gooders'' support this without noticing it with their trained agenda. So the 3D illusion would continue and life would become even more unfree. This is no longer possible now.

Goethe has an expanded high consciousness and appreciated the dialectic of the famous philosopher Hegel: Thesis: the good, Antithesis: the evil, Synthesis: neither good nor evil   beyond good and evil

The synthesis includes the properties of the immortal soul of the Gnostics. As souls we visualize a completely new earth and society of this synthesis. The Aquarian Age is thrives on the violet 7th ray of synthesis. The 3D illusion dissolves because we finally see through without amnesia. We live again as souls free of illusion but richer in experience than before.

We - who see ourselves as the GNOSTICS - What is our task now? Above all we encourage and strengthen our fellow humans-

We do not want to change the world. The 3D system cannot be improved. Therefore we support the end of the illusion.

The decisive sentence is: ''See what is and see what not is'' (OSHO).

This is how we facilitate the farewell. We extract our energy from the ailing system. We ''only'' observe and proceed. That is why we are the outsiders and rebels. We cross the boundaries of the disused system and create the NEW through visualization.

We achieve this primarily through increased sensitivity, with more and more awareness through the intensification of perception: See everything as if it were the first time.

This is how we dissolve the illusion. We expand our consciousness. We know that we are the Soul. We pass on the results as way-showers.

Our motto is  let go all ideas concepts and conditionings. We live the plan of the soul. Only she knows which experiences we still lack. We are into an intuitively guided life, into a life according to the own truth. We take Self-Responsibility

We celebrate life and decorate it with love  compassion  joy  bliss. Simultaneously we fathom the deepest depths. We light the candle of life on both ends.  

We emphasize openness and expansion, the connectedness of all sentient beings, the interaction with man and nature, the love and appreciation for our fellow humans.

A Gnostic does not see the earth as his/her only home but only as a stage for understanding his roles in this ending Experiment Earth.

We cling to nobody and nothing and are ready to leave everything behind  at any time, knowing that it is the product of our limited perception. And that life in higher dimensions enfolds with infinite grandiose experiences.

Secret Forces that Want Humanity Divided ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton on Oct. 23rd 2020

(the video text above and the corresponding video were postet on the 22nd of October 2020)

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been impressed by humanity’s fortitude in the face of so many oppressors throughout your history. You have continued to persevere in the face of powerful individuals and groups who want to keep you down, who want to keep you in the dark. Now, many who are awake have learned about this oppression that is going on from unseen forces, oppression that doesn’t even show its face to you. But you have learned about these oppressors, and you have gotten angry, sad and afraid, because of what they have done and because of what they might do next.

These beings and groups benefit from you being and feeling divided, pushing against each other, based on your beliefs, your gender, your sexuality, your skin color, your nationality, and any other factor they can use to keep humankind from realizing that you are powerful, powerful beings of love and light. It is their goal to have you feeling disempowered and then to put all of your faith in something outside of you, like a politician, or a political party. They don’t even care which one you support, as long as you think the other party is the root of all evil.

It has gotten to the point now where you cannot trust the sources of information that your parents and grandparents trusted. And so, you have to rely upon fringe elements, people who make all kinds of claims about who they are and what they know, but even these sources have become tainted and are clearly seeking more divisiveness, more of an us-versus-them mentality. You, as the awakened collective, must be able to see the good in everyone, no matter what they believe, no matter whom they are supporting. You must give everyone the opportunity to show you who they really are and not just dismiss them because of which political party or ideology they are aligning themselves with in the moment.

It is important to remember that you are all in this together, and we are all in this together, and what you are playing out now on your world is simply a rehashing of what has been played out throughout the galaxy many, many times. You did not create this issue of being polarized and divided all by yourselves. This was a planned part of your spiritual evolution, and it was known beforehand that there would be enough of you who are awake to rise above the polarization of humankind by these unseen beings and groups. And we say ‘beings’ because we know that they are not all human, and so do most of you.

So what does all of this mean for you, the one receiving this message? It means we are urging you to love your neighbor, no matter what. Love them unconditionally, and you will bring out the best of them. Hate them because of how they vote or how they worship Source, and you are more likely to experience the worst of not necessarily that individual that lives next door to you, but someone who is like them in some way.

We know that those of you who are awake can bring out the best in each other by sitting down with your fellow humans and talking about how you feel about what’s going on in your world. And if you can respect someone else’s feelings, and someone else as a Being of Source, you don’t have to agree with the conclusions they come to in order to connect with that person in a very real way. That is how you are all going to get past the current set of circumstances on your world, and you are going to become stronger as one human race, because of the efforts of a minority. You, the awakened collective, are that minority.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”