Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Love transcends everything that the mind thinks of as too difficult

Recognize, understand, grasp - what is our task here on earth?
Many people believe that what matters in life is that we are law-abiding citizens, that we fulfill the commandments of the religions, and that our lives are only really good and successful if everything goes according to what the majority considers to be the ideal. Relationships are successful, for example, if they last as long as possible until death, business is better the more profit it generates, events are more beautiful the more perfectly they are organized, and governments are measured by how well the administration and police ensure law and order - to name just a few examples.

Since virtually no human being manages to live up to the respective alleged ideal, because most commandments and laws are arbitrary and contrary to human nature, a divine grace is postulated that wipes out the guilt incurred by the so-called misconduct. Yes, we are supposedly even born with the stain of original sin, which is thereby also erased. The religions have distinguished themselves particularly ingloriously depending on the cultural area by different freely invented apparent justifications.

With it not enough that the human beings must declare themselves inescapably the culprit, they have been educated on top of it to look for a culprit for everything what happens to them in the outside. Personal responsibility no longer counts, because someone else is always to blame. A crowd of lawyers earns a golden nose by shifting the blame and finding someone who is liable.

People are so conditioned that they firmly believe that without the innumerable commandments, laws and regulations and the compulsory enforcement together with punishment, everything would go haywire - and this although everyone of good will can easily see that the whole thing cannot work from the outset. Only a minority sees through the system to the extent that they see that it does not serve to enable people to live an appropriate, peaceful life in prosperity, but is designed solely to maintain the status quo for the government or the powerful in the background and to provide them with a steadily growing increase in power and profit. In the meantime, every citizen can observe how the powerful in state as well as religion do not keep to their own commandments and laws and are only exceptionally called to account - one crow does not peck out another's eye.

We have been stuffed with fixed ideas that tell us in every conceivable situation what is right or wrong, good or bad, reasonable or not reasonable. Due to our conditioning, we know what is appropriate, how something should be and who is entitled to something and believe that this authorizes us to judge the behavior of our fellow human beings. In any case, we do not know what the motives of the person in question really are, which in most cases the person himself is not aware of. Only a few people know themselves, but they believe that they can make a more or less damning judgment based on the few percent of information about what characterizes another person that is available to them for a given situation. Courts even presume to sentence people to death!!! How afraid must legislators be of losing their power?

Do you have any idea by now what I'm getting at?

I look for an answer to the question what our task is as human being in the 3D system earth. I look for the sense and goal of the whole. Is it really only about the fact that the system functions as perfectly as possible, so that all participants are healthy and happy? Does a culture or civilization then bring the greatest benefits to the people living in it, when sublime moral standards are fully lived, the material prosperity of most citizens is as great as possible, the administration functions in a well-ordered manner, the economy flourishes in an environmentally friendly way, art and science are in full bloom and that there are no wars etc.? If this were so, then we humans would still be miles away from being able to chalk up life on earth as a success. The present conditions on the planet give at any rate no reason to assume that we would have reached the goal even rudimentarily - on the contrary: the planned and propagated NWO would only make everything worse. Do we still want or need such experiences? Or have we already left the darkest behind us?

In order to be able to answer these questions we must agree on why humans incarnate at all. We answer this question without further ado with the fact that it is always about the expansion of consciousness. We have explained this in detail in other postings on this website. People want to make experiences as a soul in the dense matter of an earthly 3D system, which are denied to it as a bodiless spirit being on higher dimensions. The souls are free conscious entities which, however, do not let themselves be constricted. They want to experience in innumerable incarnations in uncountable worlds of experience EVERYTHING what is possible on a 3D earth. It is not about them that they recognize, understand and grasp with the five senses only that which is regarded or felt in each case as good, beautiful, perfect, healthy, just, ideal etc.. They want to get a complete impression of everything that is possible here on earth. As neutral, non-evaluating observers, what they recognize, understand and above all grasp is equally valid for them. Everything is likewise valuable for them. And since the 3rd density is connected with the concept of duality, they need personalities who play all roles - even the evil, stupid, incompetent, conceited, arrogant, cruel, warmongering ones, etc. They want to recognize, understand and grasp incarnations in advanced civilizations as well as decadence, chaos, war and ruin.

All experiences are equally important. People can expand their consciousness in a dictatorship, a monarchy, in communism as well as socialism as well as materialism as well as in a supposedly free democracy or strict theocracy etc.. Consciousness expands not only when someone submits to all commandments and laws and lives highly morally, but also when he/she explores the abysses of possibility in which the Scorpio themes of power, sex and money play the main role.

It is obvious that certain behaviors, with which man inflicts extreme pain and suffering on his fellow man, are no longer on the life plan of an incarnation with increasing soul maturity - with the sum of the experiences of many different lives. By the way, it should be noted here that all these incarnations are intertwined with each other and run simultaneously influencing each other. You can find more about this here. 

Therefore, it makes no sense at all if someone grieves and makes himself small, because e.g. in a love relationship he/she did not treat a partner as he/she intended, because in the many lived simultaneous but unconscious alternatives he/she easily complements or makes up for that. If in this context one speaks of guilt and sin or of karma, of "old" traumas etc., then this does not concern the reality but "only" the way in which the events are felt by the human mind - thinking as well as feeling. However, the mind - especially thinking - is fully conditioned and perceives the interactions of the complex interwoven events only through its own glasses illusionary.

Therefore, from the point of view of the soul, there is neither sin nor guilt nor karma. The commandments and laws, which are the basis of the alleged sin or guilt. are only part of the earthly 3D system, which the soul wants to experience. The governments and other powerful people, who suppress everything that would endanger the functioning of the system or even dissolve it, are considered by most people as particularly evil, but they also "only" play their necessary roles for the system albeit unconsciously.

Generally it can be said that it is most helpful for a successful course of life if people recognize their soul plan and act according to it. However, this is also possible only in incarnations when attempts to try par tout something else and the very roughest roles on the so-called negative side have been lived out sufficiently. The personality, the ego, of a so called baby soul, which just experiences her "first" incarnation, has zero idea of the total process as well as of the subtle/spiritual world, from which it comes. It experiences the famous veil of amnesia that enables earthly incarnations, but becomes thinner and thinner from life to life as awareness increases.

As described elsewhere, the perceived populations on earth are always mixed at every moment of the imagined illusory time. That is, they always contain representatives of all levels of development. This ensures the necessary friction and enriches the possible experiences.

If one looks at the present world events, it quickly becomes clear that the total system of the experiment earth is completed and that all participants "sooner or later" leave the earthly density and go to other worlds of experience. Since the entire cosmos is a symphony of unimaginable frequencies it is more correct to say that people move to higher frequency realms. They have experienced everything desired on earth, there would be now only boring repetitions.

If we look closely and without prejudice, we can see that everyone involved is working hard to bring it all into a state that will allow the desired increase in frequency. We are truly living in an "end time." It is important now that a critical number of people see through and grasp what has been played out. However, it is not the time for revenge and retribution. We want to ascend to the frequency of the 5th dimension, where the high frequencies of love, forgiveness, mercy and compassion are All and Everything. Our primitive concepts of sin, guilt, punishment and so-called justice have no place there. This also applies to our concepts of good and evil. Love transcends everything.The main task now is to look deeply into ourselves, and find out how we want to shape our New Earth on the higher frequency bundle of LOVE. The cooperation of the spiritual world and the many cosmic entities on countless frequencies is certain for us.