Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Ad Profundum

Going deep, thinking an issue through down to the bottom, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people go only as far as their conditioning allows. Then fear mechanisms intercept, eyes are closed unwilling to see the errors that blind them. This is where faith and belief enter, which inexplicably and mysteriously explain, comfort, calm and save everything. One believes in God, in the church, in school medicine, in the legal system, in democracy, in physics or in the idea that the government works for the good of the people. Sancta simplicitas! Sacred simplicity! If someone doubts this, the predicate falls quickly:

Conspiracy theory

On April 02, 1967, the US Secret Service CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory”. It refers to a campaign that lumps idiotic spinning to government-critical content in order to discredit the latter in a primitive way. A great many so-called conspiracy theories, actually most of them, however, have in the meantime turned out to be true.

The greatest conspiracy theory that has still not come true is the God of Jews and Christians, the ole man with the beard, omnipotent (almighty), omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (ubiquitously).


For Christians, this God consists of three parts: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This was taken from the ancient Egyptian Trinity Osiris, Isis and Horus and should actually be called Father, Mother (= Holy Spirit) and Child (Son, Daughter). These three persons are represented in the churches as suns. In Hinduism there is also a Trinity: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

Only with the trick of the so-called “one substance, essence or nature (ὁμοούσιον, homooúsion” of the three persons Christians can save their claim of monotheism. In fact, these terms are of clear Platonic (gnostic) origin and have nothing to do with Christian religion as they are much older. In reality Christianity is about the Trinity of power, sex and money, as it turns out more and more clearly – especially with regards to the Catholic Church and the Jesuits, which strictly speaking is only the successor organization of the Roman empire and as such was founded by Emperor Constantine I as a tool of power.


The Jewish religion is clearly monotheistic because in the last ca. 2000 years it was limited to Jehovah as the only God. It is the jealous God of the Old Testament who does not tolerate other gods beside him. He is portrayed as a person with human features or optionally as the sun. So both religions, Christianity and Judaism are actually sun cults.

JHWH = Jehovah in the Karlskirche in Vienna is the God Father of Jews and Christians, both are sun cults just like Islam

The third of the Abrahamic religions, Islam, also has a strictly monotheistic image of God: “God has no son!” Allah is described as a divine principle, not as a person, and therefore must not be depicted. According to the historian Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ohlig and his colleagues from the Inârah-Institute for Research on Early Islamic History and the Koran at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Department of Religious Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy, FR 3.3, (, Islam has its origin in early Syrian Christianity, for which Jesus was not the Son of God, which is why it was condemned as a Christian heresy by the Catholic Church.

In Western Syrian theology the so-called “monarchianism” was taught, a unitarian monotheism shaped by the idea of power. The biblical statements on the Word of God and on the Spirit of God are understood as references to the outward effects of the one and the same God, as forces – Dynameis – of God: the so-called dynamic Monarchianism. In connection with this Jesus was seen as a human being who had proved himself more than others through the grace of God, so that we can and must also prove ourselves in his following – the Antiochian “probation Christology“. (Quote Ohlig).

The Nicene Creed, which includes the Trinity, was only adopted in the Eastern Syrian Church in the 5th century. The Koran, however, sticks to the older understanding of God and Jesus as it was represented in the pre-Nicaeen period. It fights fiercely against the ‘wrong’ conception of God and Christology of the other scripture holders.

Muhammad was originally – like the predicates ‘abdallah’ (Servant of God), Prophet, Messenger, Messiah – a Christological title for Jesus. However, this predicate muhammad later detached itself from its point of reference Jesus. It was replaced by the fictitious person of the prophet Mohammed, who – just like Jesus – is not historically documented outside the Bible, the Koran and the Sunnah. The usually spread history of the origin of Islam is just as false as that of the Catholic Church. Also Jesus did not exist as described in the NT and goes back to Apollonius of Tyana, who lived in the first century CE and about whom there are numerous, undeniable historical proofs (read also here and here).

This means that people have followed huge conspiracy theories with respect to the foundations of the Abrahamic Religions, which cannot be upheld any longer due to the research and the increasing discovery of old manuscripts, etc.. Judaism emerged from a religion with various regional gods and was – just like Islam and Christianity – a sun cult (watch the video: ‘Zentralgestirn Sonne‘ on YouTube)

Exercise of power

That religions exist in the first place to exercise power results from the notable fact that all religions regard one god or several goddesses and gods as persons or powers outside of man. Only in this way the exercise of power is possible. For this purpose a caste of priests offers itself as mediators between the unreachable and strict deity and the believers. Priests are thus in a position of power, because they can also refuse help because of alleged wrong behaviour of the so-called sinners and can condemn them to eternal punihsment in hell.

In reality, the divine is not concentrated in one or more persons and nothing can be said about qualities of the divinity with certainty, except perhaps that it is Energy which represents All-THAT-Is – the Infinite Whole. Everything is made of this energy, we humans are made of it too. We address it when we speak of our immortal soul, our essential core, our spark of God, our I Am Presence which is immortal and lives in complete unity with All-THAT-Is. Our physical body is only the condensed physical shell for the soul to make experiences through the senses. She does this on her own responsibility during many simultaneous incarnations. Through this understanding the memory of wisdom of the soul is awakened in the mind of the incarnated personality, it is a direct intuitive knowledge, which is the only possible way that leads us out of the usual 3D conditioning of our personality and bestows us with freedom as sovereign creator beings. This is the path of Human Gnosis.


The divine All-THAT-Is is singular: apart from all-what-is, there can be nothing more or nothing else, and there can also be no nothing. This is simple logic – many people are capable of, if they would only want it. The technical term here is however not monotheism but Monism – there is no person or distinct finite principle. Everything functions with mathematical precision – without beginning and end. There is no other spiritual world view that is so logically and thoughtfully structured.

It is the spirituality of the GNOSTICS. They are only responsible to themselves and need no mediators, because “God” dwells inside them – they are gods to themselves, who bring themselves through their experiences to higher and higher levels of vibration. All this has nothing to do with belief or faith – it can be presented and calculated scientifically. The mathematics of the Universal Law of Georgi Stankov, which is based on All-THAT-Is, serves this purpose. This true spirituality leaves no room for any exercise of power and therefore it has always been persecuted and suppressed by those in power.

Freedom of religion

Within the framework of the so-called human rights, freedom of religion is repeatedly spoken of as a particularly precious good. It is not only a question of every person being allowed to choose his/her religion himself, but also of not being restricted in his practice. This leads to minorities harassing the majority and massively restricting their culture and way of life (or vice versa), as can be seen, for example, in Europe in the context of Islamic migration. Freedom is always first and foremost the freedom of others – that is a wise sentence, but one that is increasingly slipping completely under the carpet. Religion should be completely separate from the state and public life and should be a purely private, internal affair. Religion, which has the claim to dominate politics and the legal system, should never be tolerated.

The very concept of religious freedom is a contradiction in terms – an involuntary oxymoron. There is no religion that makes man free. Freedom of religion basically means that the citizen has the so-called freedom to choose his own slave owner … By the sole claim of truth of the different religions (e. g. ”extra ecclesiam nulla salus”) people are incited against each other and are made submissive according to the motto “divide and rule”.

Incitement of the people

If someone talks or writes critically about a religion, it can happen that he is accused of “incitement of the people” against the respective faith, whereby at present Christianity is excluded, it may always be criticized, because Vatican/Jesuits have decided to exchange it for a world religion, which contains all the negative traits of Islam. Jews and Muslims should not be judged at all, but Muslims are freely educated to be against every other religion, especially against Jews. This proves that freedom of ideas is actually non-existent. Is everything okay in the religions? Are religions really above any criticism? A look at Christianity already shows that this is not the case.

Any judgment stands and falls, of course, with the assessment of religions. These refer to the so-called Holy Books in which the word of the respective god(s) is recorded and considered sacred, therefore God must not be criticized, but only his servants sometimes – priests, rabbis, mollahs etc. “The clergy can be sinners, but the church or religion as an institution is always holy”. However, a look at the history of the religions clearly shows – and this cannot be denied by any neutral scientist, otherwise he would not be a scientist – that all religions are of human origin. They are mere instruments of power of the ruling elites.

The term “incitement of the people” also means that the state, the government also exerts the right to decide which opinions may be allowed to indoctrinate the people in a very similar fashion as religions. This means that the state could at any time be also condemned for the incitement of the people for very good legal reasons with respect to universal human rights – however, if an independent judge could be found, which is currently not possible, because the judges are also brainwashed by the state and want to have a pleasant, easy life.

The  national state has always done nothing else, but to prescribe a certain direction of convenient opinions and to sanction dissenters. Deviations from the state doctrine are undesirable. The system, known as the deep state, controls the mainstream media because they are willing stooges of the government, the elite or the deep state and nowadays willingly sacrifice the freedom of speech and the press as the established fourth power in the once highly claimed democratic system of checks and balances, when it was generally acknowledged that the people cannot trust the government and the state and need an independent authority as the free press to keep the truth alive. Currently the MSM in the West have degraded to bullhorns of state propaganda and do the dirty work of the deep state to dumb down the people with fake news and make them docile citizens of the state. However, with the influx of very powerful energies from Source this is becoming increasingly difficult and the people no longer believe the mainstream media.

Protecting the EGO

These connections only come to light when you think through to the very end, when you get to the bottom of what you observe – ad profundum. But almost all people avoid that. If fear does not deny them the logical thinking from the very beginning, you may find quite a few discussions that start very laudably and logically when they analyse and present a social, scientific, political or religious problem. However, almost all such undertakings come, sooner or later, to a point where they do not dare go further into depth, because otherwise trained beliefs and prejudices of all kinds must be thrown overboard. This means that the people willingly close themselves to further analysis of the truth, because otherwise they would destroy their own view of the world, which they have acquired as children. It is upon this world view that their entire EGO rests, their alleged personality which gives them the feeling of security and self-worthiness, without which they do not want to live. It is also not clear to them that this security is an illusion that makes them only sick in the long run.

But if man is not open to get to the bottom of things, he will never find out who he is, where he comes from, where the journey goes, what the meaning of the whole is and what holds the world together in its innermost. Most people are not even interested in these eschatological questions at all and they even believe that with this strategy of denial they are avoiding supposedly threatening dangers, which other “black sheeps” such as the true gnostics constantly expose themselves to, because they relentlessly strive for the Truth – even at the expense of their life as outsiders or rebels in a hostile, ostracizing world.

Fake Science

When scientists, e.g. historians or physicists, approach the truth with their methods, they usually stop whenever they are afraid to cross the boundaries of established institutions. Honesty and logic then cease completely. Faithful church historians are a contradiction in terms – if they believe what the church teaches, they cannot work scientifically, because that would mean open-ended research! Physicists pretend to be exact scientists who, for example, investigate the nature of matter and energy, but exclude from the outset everything that is not perceived by the five senses and cannot be measured by their instruments. They even claim that everything that they cannot measure does not exist at all. Such procedures and assertions are deeply unscientific and illogical: fake science. (see „Trinitas Conscientiae“).

NOW is the time for us to open up and go forward open-ended, fearless and logical, letting go of all the illusions and lies on which our EGO is based. This is ascension. We no longer ensnare ourselves in the endless interpretations of our lower thinking, in unyielding intellectuality, in the fear-controlled way of thinking of the media, religions and scientists. It is now a matter of intuitively tapping into the eternal wisdom of our soul, our I Am Presence, to finally get a realistic picture of the world in which we live. NOW all incoming energies support this change. The impending “unheard-of” disclosures can no longer be ignored. Through the SHIFT everything becomes anew! There is no longer any reason not to penetrate to the bottom of things – ad profundum.

The SHIFT is NOW. It is part of Everything THAT IS and so are we. We are not afraid of ourselves.

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