Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Iter Animae

The journey of the soul: earth - heaven and back

Quote Osho: "For me death is not the end of life but the true climax of life ... The greatest disaster that can happen to the human mind is that it opposes death. To be against death is to miss the greatest secret. It also means that you miss out on life because the two are deeply intertwined. You're not two..."

The secrets of life and death have already been fathomed by wise men in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, Italy, and other countries - picture from the Egyptian Book of the Dead is shown. However, much of it was not published because it was part of the secret mystery rituals.

Just as man thinks in his heart, so he is. What she longs for, that she will be, if not in earthly life, then in the posthumous states of the afterlives.

Everything man experiences on the journey "Earth - Heaven and back" is therefore strongly influenced by his individual desires and imagination, even if the basic patterns are the same for all human beings. The latter is illustrated by the protocols of over 35,000 ''spiritual hypnotherapy'' sessions – also called ''life between lives regressions'' - carried out by Michael Newton and his students.

Since man believes to be separated from the whole, he has a deep longing for union with his source. This is known as "divine dissatisfaction" with the conditions of earthly life. This longing - the highest vibrating energy of wishful thinking - is our driving force for the spiritual search for the "last things".

If someone has no inner certainty of the immortality of his soul, he can experience neither this world nor the hereafter consciously. This certainty comes as intuition from Buddhi-Manas (higher thinking - the incarnating soul/EGO). It is therefore extremely important to study the human constitution as well as the themes of this video.

Basics and terminology come from Theosophy as founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine, Isis unveiled, Mahatma Letters and others).

Chapter 1  The process of dying

The detachment of the energies of the higher immortal Trinity (the soul energies) from the lower mortal Four (physical body, model body, prana, kama = emotional body) commences gradually. The process initially is not noticed by the person concerned and is accompanied by signs of aging. However, age is not the cause of death. The decay of the physical body signals only internal processes.

The time of death can also be planned in advance by the soul in the event of sudden death in the event of catastrophes, wars or accidents. Even long painful illnesses are no coincidences - the soul has agreed. Suicide is not agreed upon and is a decision of the personality in which it exercises its free will.

When death occurs, first the physical body very easily detaches itself from the higher vibrating energies. Vitality - the prana, the breath of life - escapes and returns to its source. The model body initially remains close to the body and then dissolves when there is no prana left. In the last seconds, the dying person experiences his whole life like a film again. He also perceives sounds and what people around him speak - whisper or remain silent!

The silver cord is breaking. When the separation of the three lower energies is completed, the disembodied being no longer participates in the physical world. Earthly experiences, impressions events - especially that which has been grasped - are still very much alive in the memory. Kama-Manas - the lower thinking - wishful thinking as well as imaginative thinking - are still very active - as are of course the higher levels.

Chap. 2  Kama-Rupa - Astral body

Kama-Manas is now creating a new vehicle for the soul: the Kama-Rupa (desired shape) or astral body (astral = starry, luminous or transparent). The astral body is a store of all information of the deceased personality. It is only visible in exceptional cases - it is represented as an energy cloud in human form. Young souls who, after a traumatic death, cannot leave their place of life for a long time, appear in their astral body as a ghost/spook.

Souls with little experience stay a few more days at the scene of the event. They try (often in vain) to contact the remaining ones. They want to console them or observe the funeral and check whether the agreements (e.g. cremation or burial) are being observed.

More experienced souls immediately leave the earth and are attracted together with the others by a tunnel into which they float. At the end of the tunnel there is a bright light, which becomes bigger and brighter and the soul recognizes people. These persons are close relatives, friends, "soul mates" or so-called "spirit guides" who are greeted joyfully and emotionally. Instead of the tunnel, a "wall of fog" to be crossed, dark clouds or landscapes can also be seen.

Chap. 3  Kama-Loka – World of Desire

Kama-Loka is a semimaterial plane invisible to us, both a place and a state of consciousness for astral bodies. It is the Hades of the Greeks, Amenti of the Egyptians, the purgatory of the Catholics, the land of the "silent shadows". Time is perceived differently there than on earth, distances can be overcome instantly, a linear sequence of events cannot be discerned.

The Kama Rupas, liberated from their physical bodies, remain there until they have fully worked through their earthly lives, until they are purified of their selfish, sensual qualities. This exhausts or consumes the human and animal passions and desires that created these astral bodies.

The spiritual guide helps - a kind of spiritual helper. He can be male or female, is very kind and helpful. The soul has the feeling of confiding in a good old friend. She meets the same helper after every death. For some souls, after a painful, exhausting past life, a rest phase with a healing process is reported to take place here.

These can be baths in coloured light, sleeping in a cozy big bed, playing on a wonderful flower meadow or being touched and treated by healing beings, colours, sounds, music. Purification, harmonization, liberation, solution, energizing take place.

Experienced souls meet the soul leader only after the tunnel; but it also works without him. These mature and old souls quickly move on to meet with their soul group. Young souls are cared for by the soul leader. He tells them what to do and finally brings them to their soul group as well.

Souls who have led an extremely violent criminal life are separated from the rest of the souls. The soul leader works with them in a kind of quarantine area until they are healed. This can be very painful.

The soul leaders are described as a kind of guardian angel, they are supposed to be beings who no longer incarnate. The contact with the soul leader is felt as pleasant, joyful, constructive, invigorating. Their unconditional acceptance, friendliness, love, kindness and wisdom have a calming and healing effect. They appear as balls of light, balls of energy, clouds in human form, angels or sometimes as well-known religious figures. The astral bodies feel the healing wrapping or penetration of the soul guides.

Chapter 4  Activities in Kama-Loka

The following events play helpful roles in the reappraisal of the "past" life in Kama-Loka. Especially significant is the meeting with the spiritual soul family, with the soul companions. Many soul families form extended families of about 1000 souls. The souls in these groups are familiar old friends with about the same consciousness. They have the same interests and goals.

There are 7 basic types: Healer/Heiler, artist/Künstler, warrior/Krieger, scholar/Gelehrter, sage/Weiser, priest/Priester, king/König.

We share many incarnations in changing roles with the soul partners/companions. We are love- and business partners, friends, relatives. Mother and father often come from amicable soul families. As a rule, members of a soul group incarnate only once as members of the same genetic human family. They incarnate in every life in a different family "around the globe" and thus have the opportunity to try out many different bodies.

In the afterlife the group members share fun and joy with music, dance, games etc.. Common tasks are: to "draw instructive conclusions from the incarnations", "to try out creative powers", "to experiment and materialize", "to care for souls and help them to come to terms with them".

Relationship conflicts are resolved, injuries and pain are healed through forgiveness on the heart level, sorrow and grief are alleviated in loving closeness. The souls also meet in spiritual learning centers where they are taught by experienced soul guides/teachers. Studies on one's own incarnations are carried out by the soul in "Libraries of Life-Books". These libraries correspond to the Akasha Chronicle of Eastern Philosophy, in which all incarnations are recorded.

Here souls study opportunities missed on huge 3D screens, responsibilities, regarding their actions, imagining inaccurately remembered events etc. The whole thing, however, does not serve to blame the souls or to gather evidence for a trial with conviction.

The astral bodies of the souls show different colors depending on consciousness. After all, the soul must come before a council of elders. The Council of Elders embodies law and order. The Council is the highest spiritual authority that the soul meets in the after-world. The clients of the "regression" therapists do not meet a personal God in the afterlife/heaven. He exists only in the childlike conception of religions (of the matrix).

The souls meet the council of elders twice: once in Kama-Loka when they work through their lives and once in Devachan when they plan the next incarnation. This advice is "decisive, direct and honest". In the first meeting, the respective life is analyzed and assessed in detail. The soul is then fully aware of what was not going as planned - especially if she hurt others.

The souls are sometimes stricter with themselves than the elders. The elders radiate compassion and patience for the weaknesses of the souls. They give them more chances in other lives. All actions are considered what they are: experiences, learning opportunities to grasp. The usual division into good and evil disappears in the background.

The souls in their incarnations receive challenges that fit their level of development or are slightly higher so that they learn something. Occasionally in this council it is decided that the soul in another incarnation needs a simpler life - as a contrast for a particularly difficult lot. Despite its authoritarian appearance, the Council is perceived as sympathetic and extremely helpful, and not judgmental or condemning at all.

The elders are like loving but certain parents, executive directors, encouraging teachers and observant counselors in one. The Council asks about the intentions in the various lives, whether the soul has oriented itself constructively or destructively, whether it has let the body take over, or whether it has been able to work creatively as soul-pervaded personalities. How did the soul deal with power? How did she treat others? The best progress is achieved through difficult, hard lives when there are big challenges.

But souls must also learn to love and to rejoice and to pass on love as well as joy to others. The clients feel that there is a higher authority that influences the meetings with the Council. That means: despite the loving mild atmosphere everything is controlled from the background. It may also very well be that the clients of the regressions do not shown certain things and therefore cannot talk about them.

Chap. 5  Maturation period in Kama-Loka

During the maturation period, the best mental qualities of the personality/ego (Kama-Manas) are transferred to the individuality of the higher manas (Buddhi-Manas/EGO). The transmitted is called the "aroma" or "distilled essence" of the personality. Only the noblest and most sublime longings of the personality is experienced in the following Devachan. This results in a separation of the lower manas from the higher manas. This is described as purification of "all negative, sensual passions".

Towards the end of the maturation period, the panoramic show, which took place at the moment of death, once again takes place with the transmission of the noblest part of the personality. All significant events of the life in question are presented to the reincarnating EGO (higher Manas etc.), which acts as the untouched registrar. This life is not extinguished, but fused with other lives based on the events of all other incarnations. Thus the personality recognizes the "necessity" of many incarnations.

Deprived of their higher mental faculties, the Kama rupas/astral beings eventually exhaust themselves through constantly repeated useless frustrating actions, for Kama-Loka is the place of unfulfillable wishes and desires. Tantalus dies of thirst in the water; Tantalus thirsts for the fruit, but the water always gives way when he wants to take hold. Sisyphus rolls the stone uphill in vain, the stone rolls downhill again when it has reached the top. Boozers starve to death in front of set tables. When someone reaches there, drinking and eating disappear. Threatening boulders above the heads create panic. Terrible nightmares wear down and torture.

Finally the astral bodies dissolve completely exhausted. This is called the second death - the Uraeus devours the shadow. Higher Manas, Buddhi and Atman merge in the state of Devachan.

Chap. 6  Devachan/Walhalla/Paradise

In Devachan, the higher manas (higher mind) is the vessel/vehicle for the monad (Buddhi plus Atman). Devachan means "to have the nature of bliss" - it is a state of consciousness - not a place. Devachan is often compared to the happiest day in a number of many thousands of days in a person's life. The intensity of his state of happiness makes him forget all other days completely, his past is temporarily extinguished. In Devachan he cannot remember any of his earlier trials and tribulations, for in that idealized state there is not the slightest shadow of suffering.

Clients of "regression" therapy speak of a feeling of a strong mental force that controls everything in perfect harmony. Every person in Devachan has his own Garden of Eden around him, which is shaped by his own consciousness. The individual states in Devachan are therefore very different. There are as many kinds of bliss as there are differences on earth in the ability to appreciate such a reward.

Devachan is an imaginary paradise created from kama-manasic memory and imagination itself, filled with the scenery, events and persons expected in such a sphere of bliss. Man reaps in Devachan the reward of his selflessness on earth, the fruit of his meritorious actions. No pain, no grief, and not even the shadow of a worry comes to darken the bright sky of his unclouded happiness. It is a state of constant Maya (illusion) – principally similar to the earthly incarnations. This means that even in Devachan man does not perceive his surroundings as they are, but only as he imagines them to be. He creates his world the way he wants it to be.  

Curls (in German ''Locken'') traditionally symbolize a heightened consciousness; saints and angels are depicted with curly hair. There is a hairdresser's in Los Angeles (and other places) called "Devachan". Salon Devachan specializes in curly hair. What is the Munich angel Aloisius doing in heaven? Rejoice! (in German ''frohlocken).

Since the conscious perception of one's own personality on earth is only a fleeting dream, his sensation will also be a dream in Devachan - only a hundred times more intense. This intensity is so high that the happy EGO is unable to see through the veil the evils, sorrows and sufferings to which those who loved her on earth are subjected. She lives in this rosy dream with her loved ones - no matter if they are still incarnated on earth or not - she meets everyone she wants to meet. Explanation: There always remains a ''part of the soul'' in Devachan - there does not incarnate the ''whole soul''. This was already known to Plotin.

The soul has the desired friends near her, as happy, blessed and innocent as the disembodied dreamer himself. This means: also in Devachan the human being / soul lives in the illusionary restrictive 3D-Anunnaki matrix. Please note: Devachan is a state of bliss - not the union with a fictitious, personal God (as in the Christian heaven).

Chapter 7  Other Incarnations

After the rewarding stay in Devachan, the EGO prepares to embrace a new body on earth. The qualities of the new body and the circumstances and events of the planned life result from the other lives. This is where the concept of karma appears, the so-called "law of cause and effect". Karma, however, only prevents unnecessary repetitions and ensures a balance in living together with other people. Karma is not a punishment or reward - it has to do with necessity and expediency. "Karmatic" is all that is agreed upon at the soul level.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead Thot is the "Lord of Karma" - "The Guardian of the Scales". The heart as symbol for the ego is weighed against a feather as symbol for truth. The feather carries the heart.

Before another birth, the EGO remembers decisive scenes from other incarnations. It also takes into account all that it has grasped in other incarnations and which relationships it would like to supplement or continue. Finally, it selects the details for a further incarnation from some of the possibilities presented (by the heavenly "personnel"): Place, parents, partners, learning tasks, vocations, character traits, physical characteristics, sensitivity, ideas and goals, inclinations, religious and moral characteristics, thinking ability, susceptibility to diseases, disabilities, possible accidents, circumstances of death.

Ideally, consciousness grows from incarnation to incarnation. The soul is decisively advised by the council of elders in the planning of the incarnations. The soul is also led into a kind of control room filled with screens and futuristic technology. She is shown various available body shapes that fit the mission in the planned life. The soul is advised with a strongly limited choice, but finally makes its own decision.

Ch. 8  The Birth of the Personality

From the point of view of the physical plane, the parents provide the body for the newborn child. From the point of view of the monad (the incarnating EGO), it simply puts on a different garment for a certain time, gets into a different vehicle. This is composed of life atoms that form physical bodies for the same monad in other lives. The monad looks for suitable parents and stimulates their fertilization/reception. Parents and siblings are the same over and over again many incarnations - however with changing roles in other families.

The monad pulls together the known (own) life germs. The new body is based on the usual composition, but is still a unique body, with a different brain and personality. This personality does not come from the parents - it is also merely modified by the upbringing/conditioning. It is designed according to the wish of the incarnating soul. The incarnating soul is usually connected to the fetus in the womb from the end of the 3rd month.

Ch. 9  Amnesia - the veil of forgetfulness

With the transition from Devachan to a new body, all memories of further incarnations as well as of the events in the area between the incarnations are erased. Some people still remember some significant details from "past" lives, as Prof. I. Stevenson and co-workers have proven in thousands of cases worldwide. This often affects people who incarnate quickly after a sudden death. Other people are already ingenious as children or master skills for which other must train decades. This applies to child prodigies such as Mozart. They'll bring the skills with them.

Esoterics and regression therapists consider this amnesia to be useful and helpful. At the same time, these therapists dissolve parts of amnesia by regressing to other lives and to lives between lives, and also call this as very helpful and problem-solving. An attempt is made to justify the necessity of amnesia as follows:

If we remembered all lives, it would exceed our brain capacity. Memories of other incarnations would lead to hopeless nervous irritation and emotional overload. Learning success with the same partners would no longer be guaranteed or more generally: without forgetting there would be no learning and thus no growth.

This idea is based on the erroneous assumption that human thinking takes place exclusively in the head and that feelings are generated in the physical body. But this is not the case: there is a subtle emotional body (Kama, Fühlen, Wünschen) and a subtle mental body (Manas, Mental, Denken).

The learning processes during a lifetime clearly show that the more a person knows about something, the faster he learns. If a person knew that he lives many times and is immortal, he could live more fearlessly and thus understand better and more effectively without stress, etc.

Amnesia coupled with short lifetimes is a method to keep the development of consciousness as small as possible or to delay it as long as possible. We waste a lot of time each life with the ABC and the multiplication tables. Amnesia belongs to the harmful Anunnaki matrix in which humanity has lived for a very long time, or in other words, under which people here on earth are held as slaves to work.

Nevertheless, a number of people have already broken out of this matrix. Now more and more people wake up and the harmful system is seen through. It won't be long before liberation.

Chap. 11  The concept of time

Time - the way we perceive it - is not a natural fact, but like everything else an interpretation of our thinking. This in turn is conditioned in our so-called 3D world - in the Anunnaki matrix - so that we "perceive" time as a linear sequence. The famous physicist and astrologer Isaak Newton assumed that "mathematical" time flows from the past via the present into the future. However, the past is no more and the future is not yet. The present is an infinitely small moment - so also not really existing. This means nothing other than that time - as we perceive it - is pure illusion.

Georgi Stankov and quantum physicists like David Deutsch have long ago recognized that time has to do with frequency. An infinite number of worlds exist simultaneously at different vibration frequencies. This "Many Worlds Theory" was founded by Hugh Everett and John Archibald Wheeler and is today regarded by many physicists as correct.

Each decision enables alternative timelines. This means that the incarnations of man/soul discussed here all take place simultaneously. We therefore do not speak of "past" and "future" incarnations, but of further or other incarnations.

This also throws a clarifying light on the "law of cause and effect" (Karma). Each cause has an immediate effect and this in turn is immediately another cause and so on. All incarnations constantly influence each other - within the given framework. Due to the strong amnesia of the young souls in the Christian/Muslim age, the interactions between the incarnations were not perceived.

The cause-and-effect principle fails in a world of simultaneity. There is no preferred direction of interaction in the sense of a causal chain. The principle of causality is a manifestation of the principle of separation. This separation, however, is an illusion - with which we gain experiences in the Matrix. In reality, everything is constantly connected with everything in dynamic interaction. All-That-Is is a closed unity - diversity only an illusion useful for learning. We have been caught in this illusion for tens of thousands of years - by the artificial 3D matrix of Anunnaki.

This results in unnecessarily short, unnecessarily numerous and unnecessarily painful incarnations. In addition, the learning success due to constant repetitions ("thanks to" amnesia) is very low. Even the worst traumas from other incarnations are always only unconsciously brought to bear, and thus constantly cause new pain and suffering.

Man is a multidimensional being - outside the 3D matrix, souls usually incarnate only once on each planet. Amnesia is rarely an option elsewhere. However, we can free ourselves from the 3D matrix without any damage. We only lose the fear that makes us controllable.

Ch. 11  The Soul Trap

People on earth live in a prison of the third dimension/density. The worlds beyond (also called astral worlds) also belong to it. They are said to serve as a "recreation room" that appears beautiful and friendly. The very idea of recovery is enough to make you sit up and take notice: souls are energy (not: they have energy that could be exhausted).

Energy does not need recovery ... this concept is naive at best.

The extremely friendly environment in paradise was created to deceive people and make them believe that the third dimension/density is not a prison, but a space to mature. Then why is the maturing so hindered?

Because the Anunnaki need working slaves and because they feed on our fear. It is very likely that the aforementioned Council of elders is part of a much larger control system. It makes sure that everything goes according to plan in the afterlife and that no one "escapes" from the matrix.

The following figure shows a schematic representation of the afterlife area and the barrier grid between Earth and Moon.

The system of the soul trap according to Wes Penre

1) a just deceased  2) the soul goes through the tunnel into the realm of the afterlife/bardo between earth and moon  3) the afterlife realm within the barrier grid that prevents the souls from being interdimensional beings  4) implantation station in which incarnations are prepared and amnesia is given (Kama-Loka & Devachan). The following graph is also from Wes Penre, The death trap and how to avoid it.

The Anunnaki are allowed to do this because the souls originally (out of curiosity) agreed to this "experiment" after persuasion. The "good side" does not intervene because it respects the law of "non-interference". She can't take any action until she's asked to. This has taken place in the meantime … The grid will be dissolved.

Further earths on other timelines or frequencies are provided. Those people who cannot yet ascend to higher consciousness (i.e. baby-, child- and young souls) will continue to exist on this present earth in the 3D matrix, but under a much tightened regime under the New World Order.

This will begin with the so called "singularity" when computers transcend human intelligence and evolve autonomously. There will be different timelines with different disaster scenarios in the crash of the old economic system. On these NWO earths the old elites will continue their mischief under the leadership of the Anunnaki. Life will be under the total influence of Artificial Intelligence and will take place in complete bondage.

People will be connected to a central computer that controls and punishes everything that is not allowed. Many different hybrid forms between humans and robots will be developed (the cyborgs). People will be lured into this system by promises of permanent health and physical immortality.

Chapter 12  Outlook

For mature and old souls that evolve, there will be different earths on 5D levels. It is extremely significant that the people who want to live there are already intensively visualizing how their lives should be there. Nature and technology will be in harmony and people will live in true freedom. People will realize that they are multidimensional beings for whom there is no longer a barrier around the planet. They can then freely choose their experiences where the highest learning success is guaranteed in freedom.

What can we do here and now? We should study death and prepare ourselves for it. Let us realize that we ourselves are creators - divine beings. The more we come into our strength, the more we weaken the old powers in the background. Let's visualize how our next incarnation in freedom should look like.

PS: The barrier grid illustrated by Wes Penre above is also dealt with in Carla Thompson´s article:

"The matrix as consensual reality", to be read in full length here,

or on Georgi Stankov´s website here

''It has been brought to our attention that there is a net or a membrane, for lack of a better description, that surrounds the earth at the etheric level. This net is made up of thoughtforms or patterns of thoughts that have been created by each one of us in human form. For the most part these thoughtforms are negative, disjointed chaotic thoughts and disassociated habitual patterns of thinking that are often fueled by fear-based emotions including judgement, scorn, hearsay, gossip, unqualified judgements, unkind and unreflective thoughts, debased and primitive thoughts, thoughts that occur over and over without qualification as to what they actually mean, savagely unkind and shallow in thinking. These thoughts are, for the most part, polluting the upper atmosphere, in a continuous blanket around the planet, like an inversion of smog above a large city. The power of emotion consolidates the thoughts into an immovable creation and that is why it has been so successful in its disconnection of humanity from higher guidance, and having access to the greater infinite reality beyond the net.''

See also my article, which explains, how this grid can be dissolved in these days,