Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

The primary term of the cosmos

Already as a teenager I was filled with the desire to find out what holds the world together in its innermost core, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it. Now, sixty years later, I dare to take stock and show how this question has been answered for me. In doing so, I am giving you a suggestion. You must decide for yourself whether it suits you. And, what I would like to emphasize particularly, I have experienced by my intensive, long studies with certainty with my own body that the so-called proofs which are always demanded if someone is to be convinced are worth nothing. At the moment, this is becoming clear in fast forward in the fields of climatology, pharmacy and medicine, even to people, partly by serious damage on their own bodies, who have not yet dealt with questions about the efficiency of science. The aforementioned three subjects, allegedly based on evidence, are currently discrediting themselves completely. If you think that the other sciences are spared from this, I must disappoint you.

If, after the collapse of the old system, we now want to create together a new society as well as a new world view, then this can be based neither on the institutionalized religions nor on materialistic science. You can easily see for yourself how much pain, suffering, bondage and exploitation these have brought. And let's not fool ourselves: all propagated so-called truths always served only the preservation of this system.

We have however experienced, grasped and understood a lot in it. NOW the time of teaching and studying is over, we don't need and don't want the old system, which is essentially limited to matter, anymore. What helps us now is a greatly expanded system both in terms of the subject matter and the methods of our research. The natural sciences must give up the Procrustean bed of limitation to matter if they still want to be taken seriously. Humans as well as the entire cosmos are multidimensional.

Man believes that the world consists of many things, until his inner senses, e.g. the INTUITION expand and he recognizes: There is only one fundamental ''SOMETHING''.
He calls this something
NUR = Light (Persian)
EL = light of the god (ancient Egyptian)
ON = light (ancient Egyptian)
OR = light (ancient Egyptian & Hebrew)
PHOT ON = light-light (from Greek phos/photos light)
Thus these many things seem to exist.

Actually everything can be traced back to this Something = Light. It is so to say the PRIMARY term - also called ENERGY, continuum and others. Everything-THAT-Is - the so-called creation - is strongly simplified a gigantic system of energies of most different frequencies, wavelengths and amplitudes which penetrate, overlap, influence and transform each other. Thereby everything is in communication with everything and nothing gets lost. The entirety of these energies is divided into dimensions - of which there are different levels depending on the system. Man has a share in several of them.

We humans perceive - interprete this only as SPACE and TIME.

Our physical material world is a very small condensed section of this ENERGY. What the human being can still perceive are the immaterial areas of feeling, sensing, thinking and others. Beyond that there are unspeakable much more - 'energies' of such high frequency that most of them can be perceived only by very highly developed entities.

Therefore, there is no truth equally valid for all people, because every human being and all sentient entities are characterized by a different perception. We could also formulate, the CONSCIOUSNESS is differently developed from entity to entity.


The only purpose of All-That-Is is the expansion of the Consciousness. Who or what expands its consciousness of itself? IT, the eternal, uncreated primal ground, the ONE, about whom naught may be said (as Theosophists according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky call it), also called SPIRIT or SOURCE.

The following sentence summarizes essentials, I ask you to explore it at your convenience and if it suits you, to internalize it:

SPIRIT is, experiences and reflects itself in Its 'creation'. We humans have an essential part in it. We too are IT because our SOUL is "part" of SPIRIT. By expanding our consciousness, the total consciousness of IT increases.

In the new system of 4D/5D EARTH we are creating together, it is the task of science to fathom this 'space-time'. However, this is not possible, if the causal central role of Consciousness is not seen as was the case in the old 3D system, more exactly: it was deliberately excluded from natural science. That it is now increasingly seen and considered is a clear sign that the 3D experiment is coming to an end. The all transcending meaning of Consciousness is now known in a rapid pace not only in small spiritual and philosophical groups, but spreads rapidly among all people who ask themselves the question what holds the world together in its innermost core. You can see this very quickly by typing the word consciousness into the search engines of the Internet.

Finally, do not be discouraged to continue searching for your inner personal truth. Those who deny it to you are simply not on your frequency, wavelength and amplitude. Everyone has their own personal energy signature, and they all have their place. The more your own energy field overlaps with that of 'other' people, the more you feel understood and the more comfortable you feel in your community.

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by Alan Lew