Wissen für das Leben auf der Neuen Erde

Unity in diversity - The End of Separation

1. Introduction


Dualism (lat. dualis ''duality'') refers to theories of the interpretation of the world which are based on two different, independent basic elements.

Both elements are often in a relationship of tension or contradiction to each other - up to incompatibility.

They are antagonistic (opposite) incompatible (not matching) elements


Polarity is the appropriate term, when the two opposing elements are complementary to each other.  

Examples: black – white, man – woman, yin – yang, bright – dark, cold – hot, love – hate, poor – rich, sick – healthy.


Duality is the Illusion (Maya) of Separation.

Since it is a deception of our thinking, duality is not really existent.

All essence is UNITY

This also applies to the 3d/4d levels of duality, i.e. the material world and Kama-Manas (wishful thinking).

Man, out of his ignorance, does not perceive this unity. He/she is polarized on separation.

He perceives the unity only on the 5d level of the soul, Buddhi.


''nothing is really good or bad in itself—it's all what a person thinks about it'' (Hamlet 2,2 Shakespeare).

''There is no bad per se but only different degrees of good'' (Meher Baba).

''Duality and antagonism are concepts of relationship or thought but not realities'' (Ken Wilber)

The supposed dualism ''death - life'' lets the human out of fear suppress death in order to attain ''security''.


Many religions are built on the pair good – evil.

Opposites are emphasized to the maximum - the inherent unity becomes invisible.

People are torn up inwardly & incited against each other.

That's what Divide and Impera is all about.

This predominant hostility is holding us in our earthly prison.

Hanker to be right

For example, we have become so accustomed to wanting to be right that we argue about it almost automatically.

So we put ourselves in the hands of the jurists, and run into the trap of the hidden elites who exploit us for their own purposes.

They live on our negative emotions, especially fear and hatred.

Polar disposition

The polar predisposition can also be seen in the naming of the astrological zodiac, through which the sun moves in one year, and in the properties of the planets depending on their role.

Good and evil deeds are attributed to these beings (celestial bodys, aliens, mythological persons).

They fight, argue and cheat each other in the same manner as the people - just a mirror?

2. Origin of polarity

The prevailing polarity can already be found in the cradle of our culture in Mesopotamia ...

Prototypes are the two Anunnaki brothers Enki & Enlil.

The 3d matrix in which we live has decisively shaped our personality structures and our way of thinking and acting. Opposites are fully exposed and explored in it.

EA/ENKI - the leading actor

He is the water god - water streams swell from his shoulders (Euphrates & Tigris)

Ea means "fish of heaven", Enki means "lord of the earth''.


Water here means fresh and salt water but also the world beyond (Abzu).

As amphibious Oannes or Dagon - half fish half human - he rises from the sea.

Oannes Dagon

The word Dagon becomes Dragon = Drake

Scorpion Dragon Snake

Scorpio is the astrological sign symbolizing the intensive search in the deepest depths,

and the following transformation from the scorpion (dragon, snake) to the eagle.

Neptune Poseidon

As Neptune, Poseidon with the Trident, Enki belongs to the Olympians.


Enki - just like his son Marduk - is often portrayed in connection with snakes/dragons, for example at the Ishtar Gate (in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin).

Heraldic animal dragon

These dragons can be found in the coats of arms of royal families & secret societies.

For example at the border of the City of London.

Dragon of Wisdom

Enki is the "Dragon of Wisdom" who bestows his knowledge and wisdom upon mankind.

He is teacher of craftsmen, artists and magicians.

Tree of knowledge

Enki is the snake in the paradise garden of Eden that encourages Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge.


Enkis emblem is among others the Caduceus, the Mercury Staff, the symbol for pharmacy and medicine.

This symbol he shares with Hermes Trismegistos (Thot/Hermes/Merkur), who he is.

Khadir Khidr Chezr

Enkis name as "Green Man" aka Khadirgamma, Murrugan, Karttikeya,

water of life, tree of life,  kundalini, fertility, immortality.  

Who is God the Father in Paradise?

The ''Paradise'' existed before the ''Deluge''; Godfather was then Enlil.

Under the name JHWH/Jehova he is Saturn.

Provider of culture

Enki has taught mankind among other things writing, language, craftsmanship, astrology, mathematics and architecture.

Together with the architects, Enki uses the turtle as a common emblem.

The picture shows a Sumerian landmark with a Turtle, Scorpion, Lion, Serpent, Horn Crown and the Trinity Ishtar, Sin (Moon), Shamash (Sun).

Enki Taurus Bull

Enki has close connection with the Bull/Taurus.

Aldebaran & Plejades belong to his empire.

Enki is very fertile (physically as well as scientifically).

Taurus lies opposite Scorpio in the zodiak.

Enki Zeus

As Zeus/Bull Enki robbed Europe (a Jupiter moon) ...

Zeus is Enki in the Greek Pantheon, he belongs to the Olympians.  

Enki robbed and impregnated ISIS (daughter of Enlil) = Ishtar/Inanna/Venus/Europe and took her as partner; the resulting son´s name is Marduk.                        

Homo sapiens sapiens

Enki cloned with ISIS Homo sapiens sapiens after the Deluge 13 000 years ago

Enki's son MARDUK continued human cloning with ISIS

Picture: Anunnaki on the tree of life with "pine cones''

Adam & Eve

from the book by Betty Rhodes: ''Keeper of the Celtic Secrets''. This book is a real treasure chest.

Venus Lucifer

Enkis partner ISIS/Venus is known as Lucifer (Lightbringer)

Morning star and evening star

Lucifer is not Satan devil

misunderstandings/manipulations and translation errors in the Old Testament are present here:

Lucifer is Latin but neither Babylonian Akkadian Sumerian nor Hebrew.

i.e. Lucifer does not appear in the cuneiform texts.

Anunnaki with symbolic wings

Because they came from heaven as aliens.

Wings also stand for an expanded consciousness.

The angels known to us derive from these depictions.

Enki´s Rebellion

Enki is the firstborn and was entitled to the throne of the ORION empire.

However, for unknown reasons this right was attributed to Enlil.

Enki was degraded with it.

Enki is a rebel and did not put up with this.

He fought against Enlil lost and had to leave ORION.

This has been described as a "fall of an angel''.

Olympian against Titans

In the famous fight of the Olympians (Enki) against the Titans (Enlil) Enki later won.

Enki is the "Lord of the Earth" after that

Enki took the planet Earth and other parts of our solar system (Aldebaran, Pleiades) as his kingdom. He introduced patriarchy on Earth.


Enki, through his son Noah, made possible the continuation of mankind (his creation) during the so-called Deluge.

Enki has warned Noah against the will of his brother Enlil and his mother Ninlil (indirectly).

So the necessary DNA resources could outlast the Deluge in a spaceship, called Noah´s arc.

Enki is Godfather

on earth since the end of the Deluge,

his son Marduk is his deputy

Name: JHWH Jehova Adonai (Gentlemen)

Proud as a peacock

Enki is shown sitting on the peacock throne.

The peacock is a symbol of dominion - the many eyes are "all-seeing eyes".

The peacock also stands for pride, Enki knows no humbleness.

This pride is a big problem for beings that are high up in hierarchy.

Without pride, Enki would probably have better handled his mother's degradation.

The fall can be deep, but also healing.

3. Opposition: Jupiter Saturn

Let us now consider the rivalry between the brothers Enki and Enlil.

It is essentially the opposition Jupiter (Zeus) - Saturn (Kronos).

Enki as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces & Sagittarius

as well as Poseidon/Neptune (with the trident) the modern ruler of Pisces.

As water carrier as well as via Mercury and Jupiter Enki is connected with Aquarius.

Jupiter "bigger, nicer, better''

Jupiter bestows higher knowledge and occult wisdom - and this in great abundance.

However, Jupiter involves the risk of exaggerating or passing on the gifts to the unworthy or not yet prepared.


The other side of Jupiter involves wastefulness, intemperance, arrogance, indulgence, addiction, hypocrisy, exaggeration - too much of everything.


Enki´s brother Enlil is archetypally assigned to Capricorn and its ruler Saturn

Saturn versus Jupiter

Saturn: the dry, regular, restrictive, categorizing, punitive, limiting energy

Jupiter: the vital, lush, expansive, libertarian, exaggerating, structurally weak energy

Enlil versus Enki

Saturn versus Jupiter     

Look at the pictures: what a contrast!

Enlil Saturn Cronus

brings us the illusion of linear time

Enlil = Ninurta

Enlil alias Ninurta acts as Lord of Heaven.

In the OT he is the archangel Michael who provides clarity & order with his sword.

''Archangel Michael'' is a title which today has another essence.

Enlil versus Enki

In our human sphere, the two energies so contradictory collide with each other.

Everywhere and all the time everything is trimmed to separation and fight.

Even at school it's all about "Who's the best''?

In sports: competitive fight instead of playful games.

In economy and finance: predatory capitalism and cut-throat competition.

Strict Enlil, generous Enki

Enlil keeps the people on a short leash,

exploits them as (less intelligent) workers (in his mines and gardens) and nowadays generally as labour force on prison planet earth.

Wanted to destroy everybody in the Deluge, because Homo sapiens had become too intelligent and, above all, too many.

And because Enki had produced too much "rejects" in his clone experiments (Chimeric, Cannibals, Monster, Giants)


wanted to make people smarter.

They are certainly entitled to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, Enki had forbidden.

In his eyes this was not a sin but their good right.

That they afterwards were released into "freedom" did not really harm them.

Independent growth

People were able to better develop themselves through the challenges in unprotected environment. They could make other experiences understand more diverse.

Harmful amnesia

Enki even incorporated human spiritual development into their genes.

This was however handicapped by the amnesia in the 3d matrix created by the Anunnaki.

Since Enki wanted to ensure the dominion over mankind, he created the various religions and the confusion of languages at the time of the ''Tower of Babel''.

These are the prerequisites for being able to agitate people against each other.

Power structures

Enki used royal families (the "fisher kings", the nobility), secret societies, elitist orders and the priesthood to dominate and restrict people.


These are the people with the highest percentage of Anunnaki blood in their veins.

They're supposed to be needed to mediate between humans and gods.

Enki taught these elites extra knowledge.

Secret Hierarchies

Within the secret societies (e.g. Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits) and the elitist orders (e.g. Templars, Maltese, Assassins) at each level there is always only as much knowledge as necessary; no one - except the top - has the total overview.

Some of these orders have the word "gnostic" in their name or are so called.

But that's mostly just deception, show.

De facto it is always only about power, money, sex, drugs etc. or about social reputation.

Enlil corresponds to Saturn

Enlil as Saturn is perceived by Enki as the ''adversary'' because he feels himself restricted, patronized, disabled, deceived.

From the word Saturn derives the word Satan (= devil = adversary)!

Enlil plays Satan for his brother Enki.

However, this does not mean that Saturn (and its symbols like hexagon/black cube or pentagram/Drudenfuß) generally stand for satanic content.

Just as the so-called fallen angel ''Lucifer'' or the ''serpent'' does not only correspond to the devil.

This also applies to the number ''666'' from the Revelation of John (= Apollonius) - this number stands for the human consciousness level of wishful thinking.

Rebel Enki

Conversely, for Enlil his brother Enki plays the role of the renegade, fallen, rebel

who is erroneously called devil (Lucifer) by the Roman Catholic church.

A fatal relationship

The two brothers have, so to speak, an inseparable - fatal - relationship.

Each of the two is incompletely, one-sided and even dangerous in its own right.


is the process in which the ONE (about which nothing can be said - ''SPIRIT'') emanates itself into diversity, alienates itself in dimensionality, so that it understands itself through the mirror of its illusionary creation as God; it experiences, understands, recognizes ...


Thesis = the One

Antithesis = Diversity (including polarity good - evil)

Synthesis = UnityDiversity (good as well as evil overcome)

Master-slave polarity

The existence of diversity under the influence of the elites leads to a master-slave polarity in which individuals ruthlessly fight for power.

The many cannot see that they are descendants from the ONE - from the same origin.

They don't treat their fellow men the way they would treat themselves.

In fact, they do the opposite - they treat the people around them as "others."

Service to Self versus Service to Others.


Evil is based on the cult of the individual.

It is about individuals who are vainly and narcissistically preoccupied with themselves and condescending to others.

Evil can be found in anyone, who thinks of nothing but "I, me, myself."

The life of another man has no value in comparison with his/her own desires.

That is what evil is all about.

In Jungian terminology

Satan is the Shadow (the Unconscious),

Lucifer is the Persona (the mask we wear in society),

and the (higher) Self is the image of God.

The human ego (the lower self) is occupied with the struggle with the persona and the shadow.

Only when a balance is reached here - the higher self asserts itself and gnosis can be attained.

4. Solution

The Anunnaki (Enki, Enlil etc.) have already left the highest vibrating timeline of our mother planet Earth on which we are living.

That is why World War III did not happen to us.

What we still perceive at the moment are the last twitches of the cabal that is increasingly running out of energy.

Harmony through conflict

Through the dissolution of hatred, discord and war, unity in diversity is achieved; we move from either or (duality) to as well as and then to accentuation of the infinite numbers of intermediate nuances and finally to unity in 5d.

Uniform world order? No!

World order of diversity

and not the planned NWO (New World Order) which is an OWO (One World Order): a single world government (dictatorship), a single world religion, a central computer, to which all humans are connected and which controls everything ...

in case the plans of the hidden elites (cabal) and their master Enki are work out.

This will only be the case on some very low vibrating 3d timelines.

A world of diversity

We move from duality/polarity via trinity to diversity, plurality:  unity in diversity

Unity in diversity

The Enki/Enlil conflict no longer affects the New Earth (in 5d).

The trinity Osiris (Enki), Isis (Venus), Horus (Marduk) (father, mother, son/child) is extended:

Humanity goes into the Fourth Ray: Harmony after Conflict,

Unity in beauty and art and loving interaction.

The dove at the new WTC in New York - what does it symbolize?

It's the new subway station after the Twintowers blew up.

Venus, dove, phoenix, holy ghost.

Advaita Vedanta Gnosis

In the Age of Aquarius, monotheism is replaced by a monistic view of the world.

"There's nothing but spirit/God" "Everything else is an illusion"


The human being finds out who he/she is on its own accord, responsibility.

He who knows himself, knows God.

This "God" is the ONE about whom nought can be said.


Expansion of consciousness

The new unity in diversity is as much a part of the illusion as polarity ...

but allows us far better, more extensive, more peaceful ways to comprehend and grasp

as under the forced struggle of opposites.

Good as well as evil

The time of dual religions thus inevitably comes to an end.

The battle between good and evil disappears,

and is recognized as a learning opportunity of good as well as evil with an infinite number of nuances.

The extremely inhibitory amnesia is over.

Fear decreases strongly

The seduction and indoctrination of people by priests and politicians comes to an end.

People are as mystics as gnostics in personal responsibility creators of their knowledge and their activities.

A new earth

A large part of mankind will say goodbye to the old order and go with Gaia into an expanded dimension - the 5th dimension of expanded consciousness, Buddhi.

The preparatory work for this has been done for many decades.

This uppermost timeline of the earth is currently being mentally created in the 5th dimension and will soon manifest itself.

It is already now under the protection of loving 5d Dragons of Wisdom who at the time of Lemuria were already the guardians of the original incarnation events of men on earth and then had been expelled.

These dragons are here again and have helped us to expel the reptiloid Anunnaki.

Aurelia Louise Jones has written in her book: Blue Dragon Antharus about them.

see also: ''Guardians of the holy Grail'' by Mark Amaru Pinkham